Areas of Specialisation

Products and Services

LH-S specialises in:

  • Planning applications (Rezoning, Special Consent, Appeals, Land Development)
  • Integrated Development Planning (IDP)
  • Spatial Development Frameworks (SDF)
  • Sub-divisional layout, in situ upgrade and settlement planning: Urban and Rural (Market-related, Affordable and Low Income Housing)
  • Township establishment (LFTEA, DFA and PDA)
  • Planning policy and strategic planning
  • Preparation of Town Planning Schemes and Land Use Schemes (LUMS)
  • Statutory planning, development control and municipal support services
  • Management and interpretation of town planning schemes
  • Drafting of planning and development statutes
  • Specialist evaluations and interpretations of statutes and town planning schemes
  • Building plan evaluation for town planning scheme requirements
  • Title Deed: Removal of Restriction applications

Current Projects

Note: The following projects are in progress and/or being routed through the various statutory and departmental processes and procedures and/or recently completed.

  • Mtubatuba Municipality
    Mtubatuba Land Use Management System Implementation Project: Land Use Scheme advertised and awaiting Departmental comments and objections.
  • Mbonambi Municipality
    Update of the existing Town Planning Scheme for Kwambonambi and convert to a Land Use Scheme in terms of the PDA.
  • Mkhambathini Local Municipality / Communities
    Greenfield / Agri-village Settlement Project in Mkhambathini.
  • Land Tenure Reform Community Department of Land Affairs KZN Department of Human Settlements Mpofana Local Municipality
    Slums Clearance, Land Restitution and Housing Project at Craigieburn, Mpofana Municipality (Mooi River): project set-up, design and township establishment in terms of the PDA
  • Implementing Agent: Metroprojects for Umuziwabantu Municipality / Department of Human Settlements
    Rural Housing Project: Bashaweni TA in Umuziwabantu Municipality
  • Implementing Agent: Metroprojects, Department of Human Settlements, Mtubatuba Municipality
    Design, Township Approval and Zoning of Khula Village: Housing Project
  • Implementing Agent: Altak Africa for Umuziwabantu Municipality / Department of Human Settlements
    Rural Housing Project: KwaMbotho TA in Umuziwabantu Municipality
  • Developer: Messrs Cotswold Fens Development Company (Pty) Limited, Hillcrest
    Township Approval and Zoning Application in terms of the KZN Planning and Development Act: upmarket residential and equestrian estate
  • Enhance Strategies (Pty) Limited and KZN Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs
    Mtubatuba: Dukuduku Project: Specialist Sub-Consultant for Khula Village and the Corridor Project
  • Okhahlamba Municipality / KZN Department of Human Settlements Department of Land Affairs
    Acton Homes Greenfield housing project, including ancillary and supporting land uses
  • Mondi – Laurusco Joint Venture
    Shopping Centre, multi use and CBD extension project, Mtubatuba: design and township establishment
  • Triple A Beef Farms
    Objection to environmental scoping exercise and DFA process : mixed use development near Wartburg : Farm Biggs 14762
  • Milpin Finance Company
    Multi-use development: Commercial, Mix of Residential types (secure village, market-related and affordable / inclusionary housing), hotel, primary school, health facilities, mixed use /offices, sports field, environmental ethic: Mtubatuba: project management, planning design and township establishment
  • School of Architecture, Planning and Housing Ms Annette von Riesen, Course Coordinator
    Contract Lectures in Planning Law (John Lang) and Housing Laws and Planning (Isabel Hooyberg- Smuts) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal for the Masters degree students in Planning and Housing and the final year Land Survey students
  • Shepstone Wylie / Swiftair International
    Evaluation of approved building plans and use for cargo clearing and storage : Erf 332, Carrington Heights
  • Messrs NewCo
    Multi-Land Use development project: Erf 167 Mtunzini
  • Dr Bertus Gericke
    Rezoning Application for sub-divisional approval Rem of Erf 251 Kingsburgh
  • Mtubatuba Municipality: 1999 -2010
    Preparation of the Mtubatuba Interim Integrated Development Plan (IIDP) Facilitating the Mtubatuba Integrated Development Plan preparation and annual revision: First and Second Cycles of IDP preparation and review Facilitating the Mtubatuba IDP Spatial Development Framework preparation and annual revision
  • Mathonsi Traditional Authority / Community and Mandeni Municipality
    In situ rural settlement upgrade at Sundumbili-KwaMathonsi: Phase 2
  • Mtubatuba Municipality
    Ad hoc Town Planning Advice: 1995 to present
  • Implementing Agent: Inprodev for Mthonjaneni Municipality / Department of Human Settlements
    Rural Housing Project: Dubeni TA in Mthonjaneni Municipality
  • Land Owner: TL Bailes
    Ad hoc planning and development advice and preparation of land release strategy for disposal of farm for urban development. Ongoing advice and assistance in matters of land release and sale.
  • KZN Department of Human Settlements Depart of Land Affairs Hibiscus Coast Municipality
    Mkholombe Housing Project: layout design (residential with economic, social and community facilities): layout design and township establishment
  • Implementing Agent Messrs Inprodev for Mtubatuba Municipality / KZN Department of Human Settlements
    Township Layout and Establishment for Dukuduku Resettlement Project: Ezwenelisha Village (Less Formal Township Establishment Act) – Second Phase, in situ upgrade and densification 2009-2011
  • Vittgal Trust
    Rezoning application to formalise existing non-conforming use rights: Erf 2117 Queensburgh
  • Barkers Attorneys
    Evaluation of Building Plans for six dwelling units on Portion 12 of Erf 3082 Durban
  • Messrs Tino Ferrero Town Planners, Pretoria / Advocate Ellis for PORCOR / Manufacturing and Development Board
    Town Planning Assessment of Erven 25 and 26 Rietvlei 851 and Erven 7, 12 and 19 Craiglee Harrison
  • Legal Resources Centre
    Evaluation of Fire Station: Erf 308 Umkomaas
  • Hooyberg Attorneys
    Town Planning Due Diligence and Feasibility Report for EA DevCo, Blythedate Coastal Resort