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LH-S Professional Planners (Pty) Ltd core business is Professional Town and Regional Planning; enabling equitable, inclusive, harmonious and environmentally sensitive planning and development.

LH-S Professional Planners has expertise in areas of statutory planning, sub-divisional layout design, township establishment, preparation of land use schemes and facilitating the preparation of integrated, strategic planning and spatial development frameworks at the municipal level. The company has experience working in rural and urban areas, informal settlement upgrade projects and development planning, as well as involvement as town planners in the subsidised housing programmes of the KZN Department of Human Settlements.

In terms of Paragraph 4 of the Government Gazette VOL. 500, N0.29617, dated 7 February 2007, we are as an "Exempted Micro-Enterprise" which grants a LEVEL FOUR CONTRIBUTOR status and a B-BBEE procurement recognition of 100% in terms of paragraph 6. Click here to view our PAIA Manual

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